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Concrete iron - bars

Steel product suitable for concrete reinforcement, with circular or circular cross-section. It is placed in concrete columns to strengthen the structure and avoid deformation of the concrete.

Reinforcing bar / L=6m

Reinforcing mesh

Double-sided load-bearing Q networks, in which both load-bearing and longitudinal and transverse wires are laid together in the form of squares. They are crossed at right angles and joined by electric resistance welding. Regardless of the method of loading, transport and unloading, there can be no cracking of the weld. Reinforcing mesh is used as a final product for reinforcing concrete structures.

Reinforcement mesh Q

Armature forks

Forks for reinforcing concrete increase its tensile strength and are placed in the tension zones of concrete elements.

Reinforcing fork fi 8 mm

Spacers / pads

Spacers of various shapes and materials are used to secure the protective concrete layer. The most common materials for the production of spacers are plastic and similar materials, concrete and steel.

PVC pads

Spacers / riders

They are used for greater load-bearing capacity and stability, and to ensure the distance between two zones of reinforcement, by ensuring the exact distance between the two zones and keeping them in their positions during assembly and concreting.
Height: from 6 to 20 cm